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Traditional cuisine rooted in history and discovery.
Let us take you on a journey of enlightenment.



Inspired by the concept of the Silk Road from China to India, carving culture and history through the sands of time The Tandoor, since 1994 brings together the time honoured Taste of Traditionalism exclusive to the royal palaces with enlightenment.

The Tandoor logo represents the ‘Eternal Knot’, the Wheel of Dharma- an ancient symbol - representing the interweaving of the spiritual path, within which the flowing of Time and Movement is ETERNAL.

At The Tandoor we believe that flavours of India can be experienced through the taste, aroma, and texture of a single morsel, arousing the whole food to become a revelation to communicate emotions and expressions.

Eating is not just about filling the stomach, it’s about experiences, fulfilling your mind-set at the time, with delicious approachable food that’s good for you.

At The Tandoor we take our cues from nature, aligning ourselves to the rhythm of the Earth with an intimate connection. Following the season and using the seasonal flavours to help in effortless acclimatization to the outside environment and contributing to its wellbeing.

...at The Tandoor we want you to be united through healthy and happy food and to thrive together. Our preparations are our expression of gratitude to our Patrons.




Exclusive dining & sophistication in 3 luxurious spaces


Chef’s food mantra...

At an early stage in life I realised what we are is connected to what we eat.

Eat food that is local, seasonal, naturally produced and lovingly prepared.

My kitchen is my haven where I create and believe in simple dishes cooked with tradition that bring out the individual flavours without much masalas, inspired by my patrons to satisfy not only your palette but more so your health.

I love to eat, and I love to eat a lot and I am as sincere with food as I am with my health. This led me to find ways to eat a lot and still be healthy. Therefore, the diet I follow is not about sacrifice, deprivation, or labels. It is all about enjoying delicious food to the fullest extent without counting calories or fat grams. It is about adding organic, healthy, whole-food ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives and approaching food with an open mind and curious belly with a conscious cooking technique.

Every bite should be a moment of celebration at The Tandoor. Focusing on making the internal body look as good as the external body.

Because…You are Worth It!

Best Indian restaurant with amazing service, food & atmosphere.
Excellent, authentic food in fine dining atmosphere and with professional and kind staff